There are however so many best Apps for hacking cell phones. But here are a few very sophisticated Apps that are leading the world. As far as professional hacking is concerned.


AndroRat is however a versatile Android app that enables remote access to an Android phone or device. And it is therefore undetectable by anti-virus scanners. AndroRAT is also an Android hacking app released in 2012. It is a remote access tool that makes it possible to access an Android system remotely. It accesses the vulnerability of a system. And can function as a server-side and client-side. That is developed in Java Android applications and works on both mac and windows.

AndroRAT is one of the user-friendly apps. Because of its features that enables the user to have seamless access to control the system of the targeted device. It also gathers information like SMS, call logs, incoming and outgoing messages, location, WiFi network, device password. And uploads other files to the targeted device. AndroRAT is great because of its versatility. It is also a go-to hacking app because it can function on Mac and Windows.


cSploit is therefore the best hacking app for new hackers. Because it would allow them to learn new techniques. cSploit is a penetration testing tool. That enables scanning local hosts and WiFi networks. The app has a friendly UI and is easy to navigate. It is one of the best Android hacking apps for Android smartphones. It scans, detects vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system. Meanwhile, cSploit has dozens of free network tools. And helps you access network traffic in real-time.


DroidSheep certainly is the most efficient mobile hacking app to hack social media accounts and other messaging apps. Like Facebook and Instagram. DroidSheep is however one of the ideal hacking apps. That allows you to intercept web browsers that are not well protected using a WiFi connection. But it examines and accesses the strength of a network by exposing the vulnerabilities. DroidSheep is an app with features that make it easy to hack social media messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram. This feature makes it stand out from other hacking apps. DroidSheep uses sessions to access a target social media account and other instant messaging apps. It offers the stand-out feature of hacking social media accounts, making it a preferred Android hacking app. DroidSheep can receive any data transferred through any form of a wireless network. Droid’s official website claims that it can work on any website that uses cookies.

Therefore to download DroidSheep, you would need to download the Busy Box. This Android hacking app needs to be rooted in your device’s OS. DroidSheep can only work on a rooted Android phone. Busy Box makes it easy for the Android app to root and interact easily with the OS.

Kali NetHunter

This App runs security analysis efficiently and also has multi-language support. Kali NetHunter is however an open-source Android penetration platform based on Kali Linux. It is a hacking Android app for tight security analysis and auditing. Kali NetHunter can edit files and perform Android application rewrite. And functions by finding the vulnerabilities present in a security system and thriving on them.

Therefore to have this app on your device. It needs root access which means you have to first install other Apps. Like Busy Box or SuperSu to your device. To make it easy for the App to interact with your device OS. You can get Kali NetHunter from their official website

Network Mapper

 The App maps out the security of a system and finds the vulnerabilities on its own. Network mapper is one of the hacker apps that maps out a device’s entire security system. Checks the system on its own, and reveals the weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Nmap is an unofficial Android frontend of the Nmap scanner. Hackers prefer this app because it is like sending someone on an errand and just relaxing as the person delivers.

Therefore you can get a network mapper from the Google play store. Install it on your device and give it access to your OS.


Hacking the phone being an employer

During office hours, there are many employees out there who waste their time using phones on office Wi-Fi. A boss has a right to stand over an employee who does not use office time effectively and productively. 

Hacking the phone being a spouse

Relationships are fragile these days. The digital world has made us cheat people easily by having friendships online and by maintaining online relationships. If your partner behaves oddly. You can find out the reason. By hacking her phone with the number to save your relationship. 



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