In order to understand what is hack major. We must understand what is hacking. And what hacking as a concept entails.

What is hacking?

Computer hacking is the act of identifying, exploiting system and network vulnerabilities. In order to obtain unauthorized access to those systems. Not all hacking is malicious. However, white hat hackers may work in cyber security. Or as software engineers and testers seeking out vulnerabilities in order to fix them. Although black hat hackers operate with malicious intent. That said, there is a large grey area populated by political activists and hackers who wear both hats.

Hacking costs companies and consumers trillions of dollars every year. According to Elite hacking service. By 2021, hacking attacks will cost a total $6 trillion, up from $2 trillion in losses reported in 2019. Much of the cyber crime problem stems from the same features of the internet from which we all benefit. Even the most amateur hacker can easily find all the tools they need online at virtually no cost.

The hacker onslaught didn’t occur overnight. It took decades of work by now famous hackers to discover critical vulnerabilities. And reveal the strategies that established the foundations of the internet and its free-for-all libertarianism.

How to know a hack major

Hack majors use technical skills to exploit cybersecurity defenses. They test for cybersecurity vulnerabilities and may take up hacking as a profession. For example, a penetration tester (pen tester) or as a hobby. The end goal is often to gain unauthorized access. To computers, networks, computing systems, mobile devices or internet of things systems. Many hack major use their skills to determine security holes in enterprise systems. And then advise where companies should boost their security defenses to keep threat actors out.

Many hack major aim to exploit either technical or social weaknesses to breach defenses. Technical weaknesses may include vulnerabilities in software or other exploitable weak spots. To Therefore exploit social weaknesses. They may also attempt to manipulate social outcomes through false pretenses. Such as impersonating a co-worker or other individual to gain login information. Hack major may also use their technical skills to install dangerous malware,. To steal or destroy data, or disrupt an organization’s services.

How does hacking work?

Hackers of all types participate in forums to exchange hacking information and tradecraft. There are numerous hacker forums where ethical hackers can discuss or ask questions about hacking. Many of these hacker forums offer technical guides with step-by-step instructions on hacking.

In contrast, forums and marketplaces serving threat actors or criminal hackers are often hosted on the dark web and provide an outlet for offering, trading and soliciting illegal hacking services.

Criminal hackers, who sometimes lack technical skills, often use scripts and other specifically designed software programs to break into corporate networks. This software may manipulate network data to gather intelligence about the workings of the target system. These scripts can be found posted on the internet for anyone, usually entry-level hackers, to use. Hackers with limited skills are sometimes called script kiddies, referring to their need to use malicious scripts and their inability to create their own code. Advanced malicious hackers might study these scripts and then modify them to develop new methods.

What are the different types of hackers?

In the past, the security community informally used references to hat color as a way to identify different types of hackers, usually divided into five main types. A few of these terms have been replaced to reflect cultural changes.

Ethical hacker

Also known as White hat hacker. They strive to operate in the public’s best interest rather than to create turmoil. Many ethical hackers who work doing pen testing were hired to attempt to break into the company’s networks to find and report on security vulnerabilities. The security firms then help their customers mitigate security issues before criminal hackers can exploit them.

Black hat hacker

They intentionally gain unauthorized access to networks and systems with malicious intent. This includes stealing data, spreading malware or profiting from ransomware, vandalizing or otherwise damaging systems, often in an attempt to gain notoriety. Threat actors are criminals by definition because they violate laws against accessing systems without authorization, but they may also engage in other illegal activity, including corporate espionage, identity theft and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Grey hat hacker

Grey hat hacker falls somewhere between ethical hackers and threat actors. Meanwhile their motives may be similar to those two groups, gray hats are more likely than ethical hackers to access systems without authorization. At the same time, they are more likely than threat actors to avoid doing unnecessary damage to the systems they hack. Although they aren’t typically — or only — motivated by money, gray hat hackers may offer to fix vulnerabilities they have discovered through their own unauthorized activities rather than using their knowledge to exploit vulnerabilities for illegal profit.

Red hat hacker

Red hat hackers are similar to ethical hackers. They intend to stop unethical attacks by threat actors. Meanwhile red hat hackers may have a similar intent to ethical hackers, they differ in methodology, as red hat hackers may use illegal or extreme courses of action. Often, red hat hackers will deploy cyber attacks toward the systems of threat actors.

Blue hat hackers

Blue hat hackers use hacking as a social weapon. Frequently, it is used as a means for revenge against a person, employer or other organization. Hackers who post personal and confidential data online to ruin reputations or attempt to gain unauthorized access to email and social media accounts are classified as blue hats.

Script kiddies

Script kiddies are amateur, inexperienced hackers who attempt to use pre-written scripts in their hacking efforts. Often, these are fledgling hacking enthusiasts who cause little damage.


Hacktivists are organizations of hackers that use cyber attacks to affect politically motivated change. The purpose is to bring public attention to something the hacktivist believes might be a violation of ethics or human rights. Hacktivism attacks may attempt to reveal evidence of wrongdoing by publicizing private communications, images or information.

What are common hacking techniques?

While the technological basis of these techniques is constantly evolving to keep up with developments in cybersecurity, the following common hacking techniques are persistent:


The criminal hacker creates a fraudulent email that appears to come from a legitimate organization and prompts the user to open it. Also users are then tricked into entering their login credentials and disclosing other personal information, such as birth date, Social Security number or credit card details.

Viruses and malicious code

A hacker inserts malicious code, including worms and Trojan horses, into website files, often with the intent to steal cookies that track a user’s online activity.

User interface (UI) redress

This technique, also known as clickjacking, creates a fake UI and link on top of an authentic webpage and tricks the user into clicking on the link. The threat actor can then take access of the user’s computer without their knowledge.

Dos and DDoS

These techniques make it impossible for users to access their computer systems, networks, services or other information technology (IT) resources. Typically, a criminal hacker uses this technique to crash web servers, systems or networks by disrupting the normal flow of traffic.

Domain name system (DNS) cache poisoning

This technique, also known as DNS spoofing, exploits DNS clients and web servers by diverting internet traffic to fake servers.

Structured Query Language (SQL) injection

Structured Query Language (SQL) injection. This technique adds SQL code to a web form input box in order to gain access to unauthorized resources and data.

Keylogger injection

A  keylogging program is injected into the user’s system as malware to monitor and record each of the user’s keystrokes. This enables the threat actor to steal personally identifiable information, login credentials and sensitive enterprise data.

Brute-force attack

Brute-force attack. These attacks commonly use automated tools to guess various combinations of username and password until they find the correct combination.

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