In order to understand how to hack a phone remotely. We must first understand the term hack, which connotes many things to a lot of people all over the world. Some persons use the word hack to mean practical ways for doing particular activities. Such as cooking and baking. However, hack here means to gain unauthorized access to data in a system. System here could mean computers or mobile phones.

How to hack a mobile phone remotely

Today, the mobile phone is the new addiction. People can not live without connection to the internet. The internet in our today’s world is oxygen. Most young people can do anything to get the latest iPhone or Apple laptop. This recent craze for modern technological products has become a threat to the sustenance of cultural and educational values. As a matter of fact, technology is causing more harm than good. Today a family can exist in the same house and not talk to each other for a month. Obsessed with phones and computers, only sending messages and other affectionate communications through texts, chats and emails. People now treasure and communicates regularly with a friend overseas over a family member seated on the same dinner table. this is appalling.

The internet contains so much information. Some of these information are not appropriate for kids and young people. There is always need for adult supervision. Although, having access to someone’s mobile phone requires some level of authority, which in most cases can be very difficult to attain. due to this fact, we would be discussing how to hack a mobile phone remotely.


How to hack a phone remotely
Practical methods to hack a mobile phone remotely

There are many ways to hack a mobile phone remotely. But only a few is practical. Amongst which are through Public wi-fi, Mobile number, Bluetooth and Phishing.

Hack mobile phone via public wi-fi connection

The public wi-fi connection is one of the best ways hackers spy on victim remotely. This method requires the adequate access into the wi-fi internet network. Thereby granting unlimited access to the hacker to extract data from mutual users of the affected network. The hacker through this method can extract passwords, large format files and even spy on the victim via the computer webcam.

Hack mobile phone using mobile number

The mobile number contains more information about the mobile phone than the network provider is willing to share. The mobile number is a cyber gateway that allows data into your mobile phone. But in reverse, the mobile number can be used to retrieve valuable data from your mobile device.

Hack mobile phone via Bluetooth connection
Mobile phone hack via bluetooth

The bluetooth connection is a very valuable means of sending and receiving data and files on your mobile device. It is however important to protect the bluetooth by always disabling it. And avoid interfacing with strange or questionable devices. Hackers find mobile phone hacking very easy when the bluetooth of the target device is always turn on.

Hack mobile phone using the phishing method

The phishing method is the most common way hackers gain access into mobile phones worldwide. This method requires sending corrupted links imbedded in email messages, text and so on. In some cases opening the message alone could compromise your mobile phone. Therefore, you must be careful attending to messages from strange sources. And also take measures in protecting your online presence.


There are variety of reasons to hack a mobile phone remotely. And a few will be mentioned below.

Parental control

The need to scrutinize contents on your children’s mobile phone is very sacrosanct. Therefore, parents must take crucial steps in ensuring their kids are not exposed to harmful contents online. Although most parents are not literate enough to use the aforementioned methods of hacking mobile phones remotely. But they can hire a professional hacker to do that for them.

Catch a cheating spouse

Cheating in marriages and relationships is becoming rampant. And there seem to be no solution at the moment. Therefore, victims contact hackers to help in spying on their spouse. In order to get evidence for possible divorce or confrontation of the spouse.


One of the main reasons of hacking a mobile phone remotely is to be anonymous.

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